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Buy Phenibut HCL

Our selection includes the lowest priced Phenibut HCL powder on the market! Have you been searching where to buy Phenibut HCL online, but can’t find a high quality and affordable option? We offer Phenibut for sale at only $23.95 per 100 grams. We even offer Free shipping in the USA if you purchase 2 or more, and buy 3 or more and we offer Free priority mail!


Zach Attack Supplements, Phenibut Powder

Our Phenibut Powder is tested, with documentation, for purity. These products are high quality, 99.6% pure, and unflavored phenibut HCL that won’t let you down! Oh did we mention we are offering them at an amazing price too! Our products include ZERO fillers and are pure Phenibut powder.

Why is having pure Phenibut HCL with no fillers important? Simple, when fillers are added the effectiveness of the product is drastically cut. Powder products with filler create uncertainty for users, who have no way of knowing how much of the supplement their body is receiving. At Zach Attack Supplements we smash out uncertainty and provide our buyers with piece of mind, knowing what they are mixing is 100% Phenibut powder.

Expiration is 02/2020.


Confirm Pure Phenibut HCL Before You Buy

We have displayed our certificate of analysis in the pictures above, proving our Phenibut HCL is 99.6% pure and made of the highest grade. Be wary of purchasing from any supplier who will not share their certificate of testing. Any reputable seller of Phenibut Powder knows the importance of being able to provide an actual copy of this report, showing the product is in fact pure. The certificate verifies tested product as a High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) using industry leading lab testing equipment. Quality matters to US because it matters to YOU!

The Zach Attack Supplements Difference

1) We sell lab tested and documented 99.6% pure Phenibut HCL.

2) Tested in a Good Manufacturing Process(GMP) and FDA registered facility located in the USA! We ensure strict standards are followed for product quality and purity. View our GMP certificate in the above product pictures.

3) We are proud to say that our Phenibut HCL is packaged and tested in the USA.

4) Our low prices and shipping options make it affordable for our customers to feel safe buying a pure Phenibut Powder online.

5) Our customer satisfaction is out of this world. Check out over 600 (!) reviews about our Products and service at our EBay Account. As you can see, for people looking where to buy Phenibut, at an affordable price, with quality results…….we are their answer.

Why Buy Phenibut Powder?

This chemical was first synthesized at the A. I. Herzen Leningrad Pedagogical Institute in the USSR by Professor Vsevolod Perekalin and introduced into clinical use in the 1960’s. Phenibut HCL has a variety of medical uses, and originally was prescribed by Russian doctors for a variety of ailments. In many other countries, such as the United States, it is legal to buy Phenibut Powder as a dietary supplement.

Common Reasons for Use Include:

1) Enhanced sociability

2) Stress reduction

3) Anxiety reduction

4) Depression relief

5) Insomnia relief and promotion of restful sleep

6) Heightened mood

7) Improved concentration and focus

8) Heightened relaxation

According to WebMD, the supplement is “used for anxiety, fear, trouble sleeping (insomnia), tension, stress, fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, alcoholism, and irregular heartbeat. It is also used for improving memory, learning, and thinking." 

Taste of Phenibut Powder

Phenibut powder has a natural sour taste to it due to the HCL, very similar to that of a sour candy. We suggest taking the powder mixed with water, rendering it practically tasteless. It can also be mixed with other liquids to provide preferred taste to your dosage.

Measuring & Dosage

According to available research, Phenibut HCL users should ingest 250mg (~0.5 scoop) to 500mg (~1 scoop) 1- 4 times daily. You should never exceed 1,000mg at one dosage and never more than 2,000mg daily. Not following these guidelines increases the potential for negative side effects, and has the potential to counter act the positive effects of the supplement.  Additionally, available research advises that your Phenibut usage should not exceed 2-3 times a week, and a 2-3 day break period for every 2 days of continuous use should be included. Do not exceed 4,000mg, or 4 grams, weekly. A scale is required for accurate measuring. The scoop provided is an approximate measurement and will vary. Remember, the scoop is a guide, not an accurate measurement. No scoop is 100% correct.

Phenibut Powder Side Effects

Abuse and misuse are the main reasons for the negative side effects of this supplement. Not following the directions above can lead to side effects.

You can experience feelings such as withdrawal from improper use, giving you the opposite effect of what you were initially striving for. For example, anxiety, nausea, confusion, etc. Research, talk with your doctor, and see if Phenibut is right for you!

NOTE: Never mix Phenibut powder and alcohol! They can have similar effects on the body, creating a spiral effect and a result you are not looking for.

Powder vs Capsules

The majority of capsule brands will charge you 10X more than what you pay for the powder. Additionally, many of them are not tested for purity and consumers have no idea what % Phenibut they are ingesting. Zach Attack Supplements tests its capsules and makes the pricing reasonable for our customers. So remember, if powder just isn't your thing, we can still provide you with capsules to solve your problem.

Once you go Zach, you never go back!

 *See product label and Terms of Conditions for additional warnings.

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    Best phenibut

    Posted by Lisa on Sep 7th 2018

    My husband and I have been taking this product for depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder. This is a prescription medicine in Russia, developed in the 60s, and they use it to treat a huge variety of "mental disorders" successfully. It has been succesful for us.

    We've tried other brands of phenibut, and this is our favorite. It is clean, tastes tart but pleasant, and is extremely effective. Thanks, Zach Attack Sypplements, for your great products and customer service!

  • 5

    Posted by michael murchison on Sep 7th 2018

    I am a first time buyer and let me tell you i got this package at the earliest time they can deliver it. Overall best shipping and bang for your buck
    10/10 would recommend it

  • 5

    Posted by James McGrady on Sep 6th 2018

    Very fast shipping and excellent product.Very pleased! Highly recommend!

  • 5

    Posted by Matthew Osterhoudt on Aug 11th 2018

    I love this this stuff. It helps me be around other people and loosen up.

  • 5
    Best for your buck!!

    Posted by Terena C. on Jul 31st 2018

    I have bought phenibut from 3 different vendors and Zach Attack is definitely the best! Why pay more!?! Definitely did the job for my insomnia! 5 stars from me!!

  • 5
    Great stuff repeat buyer

    Posted by John on Jul 27th 2018

    Been getting this from Zach attack for months now. Always consistent with shipping and quality. Not much else to say as it does exactly what I need it to do.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Nick on Jul 12th 2018

    Great product

  • 5

    Posted by Jon Li on Jul 12th 2018

    This was my first time trying any nootropic, and phenibut HCL from zach attack was beyond what I expected. Made conversing with strangers as easy as opening a refrigerator door, I felt so confident at conferences at interviews for academic programs. My confidence was through the rood taking this product of amazing quality. Will recommend to friends and will absolutely be back.

  • 5
    First Time Phenibut Buyer. EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT & SERVICE!!!

    Posted by Corey Ciculya on Jul 10th 2018

    Dear Zac...I truly want to express to you personally how much I enjoyed doing business with you! You are exceptionally curtious and genuinely a good person; and that's a rarity these days. Your company provides pharmaceutical-grade nutrients for the mind;body and soul...and you deliver them with expertise salesmanship! My order of Phenibut far exceeded my expectations; delivery was nearly overnight, quality and quantity of said product unmatched,PRICED very very reasonable and you offer the highest grade products found no where else...This product far exceeds ANY other Phenibut product available anywhere; quality, quantity and salesmanship UNMATCHED!!! Every product offered by Zac is greatly worth trying;often imitated...NEVER duplicated!!!😉ZACKATTACK PRODUCTS--a must for anyone seeking excellent supplements with exceptional value and quality!-Corey Ciculya.