Introducing the New Phenibut Capsules from Zach Attack Supplements!

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Introducing the New Phenibut Capsules from Zach Attack Supplements!

Phenibut. It's a sin and a saint. It can aid in stress relief, gaining restful sleep, and relaxation. We at Zach Attack Supplements already have a very successful phenibut powder 100 grams that is selling through the roof. 

Phenibut Powder:

Now, some people have been asking about phenibut capsules. So, I searched around the marketplace and noticed many other sellers making phenibut capsules available. However, majority didn't have more than 90 capsules, or it was a larger range hitting the 300 capsules mark. 

After much research, I determined that 180 capsules of phenibut powder with 250mg per capsule was the best price point. And so Zach Attack Supplements capsules were born! A bottle of 180 capsules starts at only $18.95. What a deal!

What sets the Zach Attack Supplements brand apart from the rest?

1) Lab tested and verified as 98%+ pure phenibut in each capsule, with the certificate of analysis document to prove its authenticity(See below). Why is this so important? Without this document, you have no idea what is actually in the product. Majority of sellers do not freely provide it, if at all.



2) Assembled in the USA.

3) A very low price point for the quality, possibly the lowest.

4) Many satisfied customers, ranging from people with various ailments to everyday people just wanting some relief or relaxation.

5) Fast shipping within 1 business day. Free shipping on $36+ in USA.

6) And the list goes on.....

In conclusion, buy phenibut today and give us a try! Others are enjoying the benefits, so what have you got to lose?

Phenibut Capsules:

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