Is Phenibut Legal in 2017?

Is Phenibut legal in 2017? The short depends on where you live. Currently, in 2017, it is legal in the USA, Canada and Australia as a definite. Many other countries, like the UK, tend to try and control these substances. That's why they enacted the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016. Any other countries besides the three listed may require that you obtain a prescription to import, or they don't allow importation at all. This means that you'd have to find a local vendor. 

However, in other news, Australia may make phenibut illegal very soon. Here you can see the legislation:

If that passes, then importation, and possibly any use, may be illegal in Australia. Currently, phenibut is not in hot water in the USA or Canada. I think they have bigger fish to fry in the war on drugs. 

While it's currently available, you can buy phenibut powder here and phenibut capsules here.

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