Phenibut Powder at GNC? Not Anymore....Buy Pure Phenibut Here

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Phenibut Powder at GNC? Not Anymore....Buy Pure Phenibut Here

Once upon a time, GNC sold phenibut powder on its shelves to consumers. You could walk into a GNC and actually buy phenibut at a physical location! WHAT?!?!? This may come as a shock to you because nowadays, it seems you can only purchase phenibut powder/capsules online.  A few brick and mortar stores used to sell phenibut. What changed?

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It's safe to say that it wasn't the product that changed, but it was GNC. GNC is a retail chain all over the USA and online. They have to be careful about which products to sell because they're in the public eye. It's hard enough as it is to keep a good public image. But why stop selling phenibut? Phenibut has potential for side effects, especially if misused. There people who abuse products, no matter the warnings associated with their use.  

What are the Side Effects of Phenibut? 

For starters, these are normally with taking too high of a phenibut dosage i.e. you take way more than you should have and regret it the next day. It's kind of like getting black-out drunk at a party, waking up in an alley and wondering where your pants are.....okay, maybe not that bad. But you get the point.

The main side effects of phenibut include: anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, nausea and drowsiness. Remember, this is usually only after you consumed too much phenibut. A common phenibut dosage is between 250mg and 1000mg, 1-3 times per week. Your mileage may vary.

The main issue that people run into is that it's very easy to experience a tolerance to phenibut. So, if you misuse it, then your tolerance will only come that much faster. That's why there is a 1-3 days usage period, and the rest of the days are breaks. This helps curve that tolerance. Otherwise, you have to take more and more phenibut until you're at a dosage so high that you just don't know where the time went. But seriously, don't take too much phenibut. It's just not good for you. You can have too much of a good thing. 

Now, I know, you may be scared. You bought phenibut and now you're afraid to even touch the container. But don't fret! Phenibut isn't all bad. It's actually really good when used in moderation. Just like most things, really. The Definitive Guide to Phenibut can assist you in your journey.

Definitive Guide to Phenibut

Phenibut Benefits:

Phenibut gets a lot of praise for helping people with anxiety and sleep. Many users claim that it gives them sort of a "phenibut high" when in social situations. A bit similar to feeling a buzz and letting loose. You may experience an unstoppable, invincible feeling.....but slow your role, superman. Don't get carried away now. Don't start punching holes in walls and trying to fly. That's how people get hurt.  

All jokes aside, phenibut can be very helpful in supporting restful sleep and anxiety reduction. Explore how phenibut can help you.

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Where Can I Safely Buy Phenibut?

You'll notice that there are numerous phenibut suppliers online. Some reputable, some....not so much. We at Zach Attack Supplements supply very pure, authentic phenibut powder and phenibut capsules. We're a very trustworthy phenibut source, with the documentation and reviews to prove it!

So what are you waiting for? Phenibut has many proven benefits. Do some research, and buy phenibut today!

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