Phenibut GNC? Not Anymore, Buy Pure Phenibut Powder Here

Posted by Zachary Ziman on Aug 27th 2018

Phenibut, in any form, is no longer sold at GNC. It is sold here at Zach Attack Supplements! Not long ago you could walk into your local GNC store and find Phenibut GNC products on their shelves. But that all changed.

phenibut gnc store no longer carrying

The Phenibut HCL product has always been the same, but brick and mortar stores like GNC have changed. In our litigious society, large retailers like GNC have to worry about public image and PR. As discussed on other pages at Zach Attack Supplements, Phenibut has the potential for side effects if misused. These side effects can cause users to abuse the supplement, which caused groups like GNC to drop it from its shelves.

These side effects have a wide range, starting at a feeling very similar to a hangover, normally associated with overindulging and taking a dosage above the recommended level. The main side effects of phenibut include: anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, nausea and drowsiness. Remember, this is usually only after you consumed too much phenibut. A common phenibut dosage is between 250mg and 1000mg, 1-3 times per week. Your mileage may vary.

Some people develop a tolerance to phenibut. Its important to realize this and schedule usage accordingly.

Phenibut is a very effective and useful supplement when used in moderation. Just like most things, really. The Definitive Guide to Phenibut can assist you in your journey.

Definitive Guide to Phenibut

Phenibut Benefits:

Phenibut gets a lot of praise for helping people with anxiety and sleep. Many users claim that it gives them sort of a "phenibut high" when in social situations. A bit similar to feeling a buzz and letting loose.

Due to this Phenibut can be very helpful in supporting restful sleep and anxiety reduction. Explore how phenibut can help you.

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Where Can I Buy Phenibut?

You'll notice that there are numerous phenibut suppliers online. Some reputable, some not so much. We at Zach Attack Supplements supply pure, authentic, and affordable Phenibut powder and Phenibut capsules.

What are you waiting for? Phenibut has many proven benefits. Do some research and buy phenibut today!