Should I Buy Phenibut HCL Capsules or Phenibut Powder?

Should I Buy Phenibut HCL Capsules or Phenibut Powder?

Phenibut HCL capsules and phenibut powder. Two very effective products with a multitude of uses. I'm going to provide you an in-depth look into the benefits of purchasing one vs. the other. 

Let's compare the pros of each:

Phenibut HCL Capsules


1) Easy to consume. Phenibut powder has a sort of natural sour candy taste to it. Capsules are helpful because you wouldn't have to put the phenibut powder into capsules yourself if the taste really bothers you. It's easy to just pop one in your mouth and be on your way.

2) It's easy to transport. If you plan on taking the phenibut later in the day, then you could just put it in a bag or your pocket. In fact, you could probably just take the whole bottle with you. Just don't take it all at once. Wouldn't make for a good day.

3) You don't have to worry about measuring, weighing, serving, etc. because the phenibut powder is already in a capsule form that has been made into the correct dosage. No need to go out and buy a scale, a million dollar lab.....just kidding. But it can get tedious trying to weigh all that product all the time. It doesn't take very long, but still, people have their preferences.


Phenibut Powder


1) Depending on the brand, like ZAS phenibut, it may mix well with water. If you add enough water(usually 8oz will do), then the taste is virtually invisible. I'd know because I personally use my own brand of phenibut. In addition, some people do like the taste, so: more power to you.

2) A scale gives you peace of mind. There are many milligram scales on the market. I even use one to measure my own products. Unless you really trust that capsule brand, then weighing out your phenibut powder yourself can give you a peace of mind in the amount you consume. Most scales are very accurate. I'd want to make sure I'm taking 1000mg instead of 1050mg because that makes a big difference depending on the person. 

3) No extra fillers like most capsule brands will contain. Some of these people have allergens to, and they're just unnecessary. 


Main Difference Between Phenibut HCL Capsules and Phenibut Powder

The main difference between the two is the amount in which you receive and the price.

For example:

Primaforce Phenibut Capsules: Lowest price online is around $18 with the shipping included. It comes with a total of 90 capsules and 250mg per capsule. Using simple math, 250mg X 90 = 22,500mg. Divide that by 1,000(There is 1,000mg per 1 gram) to give a grand total of 22.5 grams. This comes out to be $0.80 per gram. 

ZAS Phenibut Powder: $24.94 with shipping included. Has a total of 100 grams per container. This comes out to be about $0.25 per gram. Much cheaper than capsules!


So there you have it folks! You've seen the pros and cons of buying phenibut HCL capsules vs. phenibut powder. Both have their own benefits and downfalls. But the main question is: Which would you prefer?

 Buy phenibut today!

Author: Zachary Ziman is the owner of Zach Attack Supplements.



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