Phenibut HCL Powder: Should I Use The Scoop, or a Scale?

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Phenibut HCL Powder: Should I Use The Scoop, or a Scale?

I get asked the question all the time: "How much does the scoop measure?" This is an inaccurate assessment as every single powder is different. Powder density depends on temperature, the form of the powder and how packed the powder is into the scoop. Also, scoops are inaccurate, especially when trying to measure to the milligram. I would not trust a scoop to measure your supplements. Accuracy is key to effectiveness. This is very true for Zach Attack Supplments phenibut powder.

Phenibut needs to be measured accurately, so you know how much you're taking at the time. The scoop that we send with our phenibut powder is more of a guide for actual measurement. We highly suggest purchasing a milligram scale that can measure to the .01 of a milligram. That way you get the most accurate assessment of the product you are taking. There are other products out there, like tianeptine sodium, that have a very small serving size of 12 milligrams or less. You can't chance taking too much or too little as you may get undesired effects.

If you want to completely the issue of measuring and/or encapsulating your powdered products, you could always purchase the capsuled form of a product, such as Zach Attack Supplements phenibut capsules. Most supplements will have powder and capsules available. Well, enjoy your supplements and welcome to Zach Attack Supplements!

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