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Posted by Zachary Ziman on Aug 27th 2018

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You probably have never heard of Tianeptine Sodium Capsules. You won’t see it in store, or on many websites. You won’t see it on Amazon, Walmart, or GNC. Why is that? Because it’s a nootropic research chemical, that can only be found online, at nootropic vendor websites!

Tianeptine sodium is a prescription compound that doctors prescribe in many countries aimed at treating depression and anxiety. Research suggests that the supplement is as effective as the most commonly prescribed antidepressants, with a significant decrease in side effects.

If I buy tianeptine sodium, what are the guidelines for use? According to the directions on prescriptions, doctors generally advise to take 12.5mg one to three times per day with a minimum of 3 hours in between each dosage. Don’t take too much!

Common side effects include: dizziness, headaches, relaxation and stimulation. Larger amounts may product hallucinations. There hasn't been an overdose limit established yet; but, according to the up to date research, it wouldn't take a lot to overdose. Tianeptine is also similar to Phenibut in that a chemical dependency can develop if you take too much.

Addiction is serious and easy if you don't control yourself and usage. Withdrawal symptoms may also be prevalent, especially if you stop cold turkey. Tianeptine sodium is available in the USA as an unscheduled substance, check it out here.