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Tianeptine sodium capsules. Total quantity of 90 capsules. Each capsule contains 12mg of 99% pure tianeptine sodium. Over one gram of tianeptine! 03/2020 expiration.

This product does not ship to Michigan due to the laws in that state. If you buy, we will try to cancel if caught in time. If not, then you are solely responsible for any results from the purchase of this product, and agree to being responsible by purchasing.

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Tianeptine is a chemical compound given for depression by doctors as a prescription in some countries. It is also given to combat anxiety. Most independent sources reveal that tianeptine tends to have fewer side effects as compared to other compounds of the same nature. For more info, head on over to Wiki

This product you see is sold for laboratory research purposes only. Not for human consumption. Accidental ingestion of this product that exceeds 100mg can result in significant toxicity and possibly death. It is mandatory for necessary precautions, safety, policies and procedures and equipment to be used. By using this website, buying this product and/or having this product in your possession at any given point in time, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for any and all handling of this product in any manner. You also acknowledge that you have the necessary qualifications to handle this product and conduct research with this product, up to and including necessary certifications and equipment. For further warnings, please see the Terms and Conditions

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