Redcon1 MRE Meal Replacement, Animal Based Protein

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Redcon1 MRE meal replacement animal-based protein

MRE is commonly referred to as "Meals Ready to Eat" in the military and other sectors. An MRE can give a military member the nutrition he/she needs to keep on going strong while out in the field hard at work. Since MRE's are usually quick to make and eat, they are less time consuming and can provide the nutrients faster. You can easily give your body the energy in needs with Redcon1 MRE animal-based protein powder!

MRE Protein: Real Food in a Scoop

Real food is definitely the best food to give your body as fuel. Redcon1 MRE is constructed from natural ingredients and a blend of authentic proteins. The protein formula also contains no whey protein! Instead of that fast food hamburger filled with grease or that fast food chicken that contains unhealthy fats, reach for Redcon1 MRE protein that contains the whole foods your body desires. MRE protein can help your body repair and recover muscle tissue with proper nutrients from whole foods.

Facts About MRE Protein Powder

While MRE protein powder is the next best thing since a slice of bread, there are some facts that you as the consumer should know about. Here are the facts:

  • MRE protein is a gluten free supplement.
  • Even though MRE protein contains salmon, you CANNOT taste the salmon when you consume it.
  • Many people like to use water to mix their protein powder. However, with MRE protein, you can also mix it with milk, almond milk or a number of your other favorite beverages.
  • The amount of foam after mixing MRE protein with a liquid is slim to none.
  • We all know clumps are a major concern for protein powder enthusiasts. However, fear not with MRE protein powder because the clumping is slim to none when mixed properly.
  • MRE protein is an ideal meal replacement because of the nutrients and protein sources contained within.
  • MRE protein is NOT vegan friendly because it contain multiple animal-based protein sources.
  • MRE protein is NOT dairy free. While it contains no whey protein, there is still the presence of dairy. Therefore, if you have a dairy allergy, you should avoid MRE protein powder.

MRE Protein Powder Reviews

There are hundreds of positive MRE protein powder reviews all over the internet. A quick Google search will provide numerous results. You will see why many people buy MRE protein powder and love it so much. It is a protein powder that won't let you down.

Where can I buy MRE Animal-Based Protein Powder?

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Warning: manufactured on shared equipment which processes products containing milk, egg, soybean, wheat, shellfish, fish, tree nut flavor and peanut flavor.