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Buy tianeptine sodium powder 25 grams. Limited quantities remaining. To purchase, hit the blue "Add to cart" or "Buy now" button below. If you receive an error when adding to your cart or trying to buy, or if the item can't be added to your cart, then the item is out of stock at that time. We offer great deals on tianeptine sodium capsules if the powder is out of stock.






Tianeptine Sodium Warnings/Disclaimers/Terms of Agreement 

This product is sold for laboratory research purposes onlyNot for human or animal consumption. Not for use in veterinary, medical or household uses. This is not a dietary supplement. We follow FDA guidelines. This product is not approved by the FDA. Accidental human ingestion or absorption of this product can result in significant toxicity and possibly death. Do not consume. Any questions or comments in regards to tianeptine consumption and/or internal use will not be responded to. It will also result in the banning of your account, and possible blocking of buying from our website entirely.

It is mandatory for necessary precautions, safety, policies and procedures and equipment to be used. By using this website, buying this product and/or having this product in your possession at any given point in time, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for any and all handling of this product in any manner. You also acknowledge that you have the necessary qualifications to handle this product and conduct research with this product, up to and including necessary certifications and equipment. You agree that you have no intention of consuming this product, or using it for any other unauthorized use. For further warnings, please see the Terms and Conditions