Full Spectrum CBD Oil Chocolate Mug Cake

Posted by Zach Attack Supplements on Mar 2nd 2020

Who doesn't love an ooey gooey chocolate mug cake? Well this full spectrum hemp CBD oil chocolate mug cake is the perfect fit for any late night craving. Next time you are on the couch and craving a sweet snack, whip this full spectrum hemp CBD chocolate mug cake up in no time and it will be the perfect sweet treat for you.

What You Will Need:

- Coffee Mug
1/4 Cup of Flour
1/4 cup sugar or sugar alt like Stevia
1 TBSP cocoa powder
1/8 TBSP baking soda
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Full spectrum hemp CBD oil from True Best CBD
4 TBSP heavy cream or milk
1 TBSP olive oil
1 TBSP water

Buttercream frosting to top mug cake (optional)

Fudge brownie Redcon1 MRE Protein Powder (optional)

This recipe is going to be a very quick and easy one for you to make any time that you are craving a delicious chocolate snack. We have other simple and easy creations that we're sure you'll love. Whether you are making a snack for your kids or for friends, for date night, the full spectrum hemp CBD chocolate mug cake is the perfect option to go with because of how effortless this recipe is. It is only going to take you a few short minutes of prep time overall to get everything ready and finished. It will take even less time to eat it because it will be so delicious, you will see.

Get started by grabbing a bowl for mixing, measuring tools like a measuring cup or measuring spoons, and a spoon for mixing all of your ingredients. You will also need to select which mug you are going to use to cook the mug cake in.

Start by getting all of the dry ingredients together, flour, cocoa, baking soda, salt, sugar. Mix all of these ingredients together very well, make sure that there are no lumps in it. You might want to even go the extra mile and sift the ingredients so that it can be fine, perfect without lumps. This should not take you very long to stir everything together.

Once you have that together, then get started on mixing your wet ingredients. You can choose a separate bowl for this one and mix all of the wet ingredients in that one first, including the oil, water, vanilla, and full spectrum hemp CBD oil. Once you have mixed those gently then you can combine the two, either with a hand and spoon for mixing or with an electric mixer that you might have. It depends on how many mug cakes you might want to be making. This recipe here is for one cake only, you can multiple the ingredients as you like though so that you can make more at one time.

Once you have combined the wet and dry ingredients together that you are using for your full spectrum hemp CBD chocolate mug cake then you need to bake it. Go on over to your microwave and pour that mixture into the mug that you have selected. Once you have done that then put the mug into the microwave and turn it on for 1 minute and 25 seconds. Stick a toothpick in the mug cake and see if it comes out clean, if it doesn't then microwave for another 10 or 15 seconds to finish it up. If you want you can even top off the CBD chocolate mug cake with some delicious whip cream to make it even more enjoyable. Or put some fruit, such as strawberries, on top for a little more flavor. Speaking of strawberries, if you're looking for a fruity recipe, strawberry lemonade cupcakes are sure to bind your fruit tooth. You might also want some caramel perhaps, there are many different ways that you can customize this recipe and make it into something unique for yourself. Overall it takes only a few minutes in the kitchen and little to no mess to get it all done.