Reasons To Buy Phenibut - Here’s A Yes Or No!

Reasons To Buy Phenibut - Here’s A Yes Or No!

Posted by Zach Attack Supplements on Dec 15th 2018

About Phenibut

Daily, there is a new supplement being introduced in the market. In fact, we have 4-5 supplements to deal with a single issue. The leading brands in the market ensure they produce quality supplements to maintain user health. Given the massive number of supplements available on the web, it is not uncommon to be confused. Despite the number of increasing supplements, most of us are still new to the concept, its uses, how it works, side effects and so on. 

Let’s be specific - Nootropics? If you are new and looking for a better insight regarding the same, online research is the best and feasible option for you. Our website provides you details about the best of supplements, regardless of your requirement. 

Let’s get to the specifics about Phenibut! In simple words, this nootropic is a stress buster. If your nutritionist suggests that you pick up this supplement, then understand how safe it should be. This is more like a recreational drug that acts as a medicine. This chemical is more similar to the gamma-aminobutyric acid present in our brains. 

Why Should You Shop Phenibut?

If you have anxiety, fear, stress, depression, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, unusual tension, then you could opt for this nootropic. You can as well get yourself this dietary supplement to enhance your memory as well as, learning and thinking abilities. Given the hectic schedule in our day to day lives, it is common to have these issues. However, if it starts impacting your work life or your routine, then try consulting a nutritionist to know if this product can help you. 

The Right Dosage

For any supplement or medicine, the dosage is vital. As users, we cannot undermine its importance and when it comes to taking this amazing nootropic, the appropriate dosage is not constant. It varies with the age as well as health and other bodily conditions of the user. Also, several kinds of research need to be conducted yet to understand the right doses.

Keeping that in mind, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist and have your body conditions assessed before you take a decision. Make sure to follow the directions regarding the product usage, present on its very label and the set of instructions your nutritionist has to offer. 

Are There Benefits?

Phenibut can give you the calming effect and that is because it is the derivative of the neurotransmitter. Added with some extra phenyl ring, it flows through the blood-brain barrier way easily. The nootropic helps you fight not just stress but the severe brain injuries as well. Considering its low toxicity levels, it gets dissolved in water easily. If you are not a fan of the nasty taste, feel free to mix it with a drink you like. However, make sure you don’t mix it with alcohol, M.A.O inhibitors or medications used for epilepsy. 

Phenibut is used as a pharmaceutical drug in countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Latvia to fix anxiety issues and lack of sleep. Motion sickness, withdrawal issues, alcoholism, tics and dizziness can as well be treated with the right dosage of this nootropic. Well known as Fenibut, Noofen, and Anvifen brands, these are tablets taken by mouth. On the other hand, the intake through intravenous infusion is possible too. 

The orders come with a free 6-10 mg micro scoop. Expect a 6mg scoop if the powder is in level with the scoop and 10 mg if the powder is way high. Let’s say the nutritionist suggests a dosage of 300-500 mg a day. Then, you can use this scoop to measure the quantity. Pricing for the product could range from $7.99 to $49.99. 

Won’t Consult A Nutritionist? Read this! 

Supplements can be of many types. It is not mandatory that any supplement you find would suit your body condition. If you choose not to take precautions by knowing if this supplement will do the best to you, then you might face side effects like allergies, hangovers, nausea, dizziness, sedation or more depending upon the impact of the specific dosage in your body. 

Choosing the Right Website - 

Now that you know the benefits, usage and other details of Phenibut, it is time you know where to order it online. Since it is a supplement, you can’t rely on any website you can easily find on Google. We, at, make sure that the rightly labeled products reach you. 

With us, you will never have doubts about the genuineness of the products at all and the positive customer reviews we have received so far are testament to that. The product is already an affordable buy and we can provide you with exciting discounts to add on. Get your phenibut HCL. What’s stopping you now?