The Many Benefits of Phenibut Supplements

Posted by Zach Attack Supplements on Apr 2nd 2019

What is Phenibut?

A group of Russian scientists first created Phenibut in the 1960s. It was created by a team of chemists led by Professor Vsevolod Perekalin at the A.I Herzen Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. Phenibut was then rigorously tested.

Legend has it that phenibut was used in the Russian space program. Apparently, the space mission ran into technical problems which resulted in them not being able to find a solution to a complex problem with the docking mechanism of a spacecraft. The Russian astronauts took phenibut and rested. No one knows if it was the power of rest or phenibut that brought peace and calm to the astronauts. However, when they were more relaxed they quickly solved the problems which had seemed unsolvable a few days earlier.

The supplement Phenibut is very similar to the natural neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). Neurotransmitters are mood controlling chemicals which naturally occur in the human brain. GABA naturally blocks nerve impulses, which has a calming effect on the human brain. Both GABA and the Phenibut supplement have a similar calming effect on mood.

Phenibut belongs to a type of supplement, known as a Nootropic. These are a group of supplements that are thought to improve cognitive function. Particularly improvements in memory, creativity, increased concentration, improvements in the learning process, increases in motivation as well as heightened sociability and an increase in relaxation/calmness.

Uses of Phenibut 

Phenibut is an excellent mood enhancer. Everyone experiences periods of stress and many people have found that by taking Phenibut supplements, they can relieve their stress somewhat. Some people have found Phenibut supplements to be particularly useful during times where they have found difficulty sleeping. It can help lift your mood or help you to relax. People have also found Phenibut useful during times when they have found difficulty focussing, Phenibut seems to aid increased focus.

Significant Benefits of Phenibut Supplements

One significant benefit of Phenibut, is that it significantly Increases dopamine receptor activity in the brain. Phenibut is also thought to increase the metabolic rate of dopamine. This means that people who use Phenibut supplements increase the dopamine levels in their body.

Dopamine is sometimes called the ‘reward’ or ‘pleasure’ hormone. People who have higher levels of dopamine in their bodies have stronger desires for pleasure. This often manifests itself in a stronger libido. 

How Phenibut works

Whilst most supplements get digested or eliminated before they have the chance to reach the brain, phenibut does reach the brain and has an impact on the GABA levels. This is why Phenibut is more effective than any other supplement on the market today, at delivering a calming effect to the human mind.

Calming effect of Phenibut

Phenibut is known for having this calming effect. Stress has become a part of the everyday livestock most people these days. It is a particular hazard for those people who have to work long hours or who have busy jobs. The calming effect of Phenibut supports a healthy immune system. In turn people who have calm dispositions are less likely to have other problem within their bodies and lives.

By reducing your levels of stress (through exercise, healthy eating, breathing techniques, and using dietary supplements), you also may boost your libido. Having more sex means increases dopamine levels and people who have regular sex feel less stress. This good health cycle is a very positive effect of Phenibut.

Phenibut boosts emotional intelligence

Phenibut is said to give a boost to emotional intelligence. People who have better emotional intelligence are more adept at handling relationships, and can control and express their emotions more easily.

Increased Resistance to Extreme Temperatures

Health problems and difficulty adapting are particular hazards for people working in extreme conditions. Phenibut is thought to help reduce exertion because of its calming effect. This is particularly useful for people who have to partake in physical labor in extreme heat. The calming effect help improve the oxygen supply and as a result maintain a high working capacity whilst supporting the worker’s good health.

Sleep Difficulties

Many people report being able to sleep better and feeling more rested when taking the Phenibut supplement. This is likely to be as a result of the calming effect and the effect that the increase of dopamine levels has on the humans body.

Side Effects and Drug Interactions

If you do decide to add Phenibut to your supplement intake, it is important to be aware of the side effects which may occur, however side effects are usually caused by misusing or abusing the product. These include dizziness, anxiety, fatigue, muscle tension, nausea and increased sensations of pain. Particularly high dosages can cause motor difficulties and heart palpitations as well as the sensation of intoxication.

Dosage of Phenibut

In order to ensure that you avoid these symptoms, it is important to pay close attention to the dosage and frequency which you take it. Before starting to take Phenibut, it is wise to read over some internet reviews and consider carefully the dosage before you begin taking the supplement. It is always wise to begin with a low dosage (no more than 250mg is recommended initially), which you can gradually increase until you find the dosage which works best for you. You should never take more than 1,000mg of Phenibut in one go, and should never have more than 2,000mg in any 24 hour period.

Everyone has different tolerance levels to the Phenibut HCL powders or capsules. Some factors in this include; weight, medication usage, food consumption and genetic factors. It is a good idea to take your first dose before you have eaten, early in the morning. Breakfast should be eaten 45 minutes after this first dose. Two hours after your first dose, you could take another if you feel it is necessary, then after another four hours you should take your final dose of the day. Initially, you should not take more than this. Always confront a medical professional, preferably your personal doctor, before starting any supplement.

Points to be aware of regarding Phenibut

Phenibut usually takes more than three hours to have any effect.You should only take it 1 or 2 times per week in order to avoid dependence.If abused, phenibut can be addictive.If you overdose on Phenibut, you will feel zoned out for around 24 hours. It is important to carefully consider the dosing, and by doing so, overdose should be easily avoidable.

Phenibut withdrawal

Phenibut can be addictive. If you do find yourself experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you are not taking Phenibut, you should, gradually reduce dosage and frequency to reduce your dependence over time. In order to avoid this problem in the first place, you should never take Phenibut on a daily basis.

Internet Reviews (especially Reddit)

Whenever we want to buy something, there are lots of reviews available online. We would recommend you look at such reviews before taking any supplements. Reddit is one example of a website where people post their views on phenibut. Much of this information is valuable and can give you an insight into people’s experiences of phenibut. It has particularly helpful advise on dosage, withdrawal and where to buy phenibut. However, on a cautionary note, it is important to be aware that many users share their experiences of consuming excessive and dangerous amounts of the supplement and stories of taking it with alcohol, which you should never do. Such advice is extremely dangerous and damaging to the human body.

Where to buy Phenibut HCL powder online

Phenibut HCL powder is available from Zach Attack Supplements. We supply 99.6%+ pure phenibut HCL powder in a range of sizes, which include everything from 25g to a bulk supply of phenibut.

You can be confident that when you buy from Zach Attack Supplements that the Phenibut HCL Powder is highly tested. It comes with official documentation which guarantees we know where it’s sourced from and that it is 99.6% pure. At Zach Attack Supplements, we do not use fillers with our supplements, instead we pride ourselves in the quality and safety of the product we offer.

Fillers do not add anything useful to supplements. Instead, they reduce the effectiveness, and you need to take more to achieve your desired results. In our experience, powder products with fillers add in an element of uncertainty, and the person who is taking the supplements is not sure how much of the supplement they are actually taking. The Phenibut HCL powder from Zach Attack Supplements is the best quality Phenibut for sale today, and most predictable because of its purity, this is because we never use fillers in the powder.

Check Documentation Before Purchase

Wherever you decide to purchase Phenibut, it is important to know that You are buying the best quality Phenibut. At Zach Attack Supplements, we have a certificate of analysis. We are happy to display the certificate and you will find it in the pictures above.

We display our certificate to give you piece of mind that our Phenibut for sale is 99.6% pure and is the highest grade available. Make sure that when purchasing Phenibut from any other supplier, that they too share their certificate of testing. All reputable sellers of supplements and nootropics know how important it is to provide evidence of this report. It is essential that the buyer knows that the product they are buying is pure.

Phenibut Capsules

Some people feel more confident about dosage when it has been measured out for them. Unfortunately, many supplement sellers charge as much as ten per cent extra for supplements in capsule form. When buying from Zach Attack Supplements, you can be confident that we do not charge an unreasonable premium for Phenibut capsules.

Certificate of Assurance

The certificate offers assurance to the buyer, that the tested product is a High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) using industry leading lab testing equipment. In order to ensure our tests are reliable, we always used third party laboratories. The certificate is signed by a lab technician. You can check the authenticity of the test for each of our products as we are happy to display the name of the laboratory which was used. Quality is of the utmost importance to us. We want our customers to be confident that they know what they are buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does phenibut taste like? 

Phenibut tastes a little like kook aid powder, with a citrus undertone. If this is too bitter for your taste, we recommend that you mix it with fruit juice. This is a super easy way to sweeten it up.

How Should I Take Phenibut

You can choose to take Phenibut powder or Phenibut capsules.

To take the powder you can try a few methods, here are two:

Toss-and-Wash Method. This is the fastest method. To do this, measure out the dosage of powder and place it on a piece of card. Toss it to the back of your mouth, then swallow by taking a sip of water. Follow with a glass of water, to make sure the residue has gone.

The Stir-and-Drink Method. This method includes to steps to help you avoid the bitter taste of Phenibut. Measure the dose of phenibut and pour it directly into a glass of water or juice. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Drink the whole glass of liquid.


Before taking any health supplements, including Phenibut, it is a good idea to check with a doctor. This is particularly true if you currently take other medications or have any health conditions. When used sensibly, Phenibut can have astounding results. It can calm you down and make you more receptive to pleasure. Be sure to buy Zach Attack Supplements phenibut today!

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