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Posted by Zach Attack Supplements on Apr 2nd 2019

One of the many products that Zach Attack Supplements can supply you with is Phenibut HCL. Available in 250 mg size capsules and powder form (in bulk), ZAS can provide you with everything you need to succeed in your journey towards a more healthy, meaningful lifestyle.

How was it decided that Phenibut HCL should be a supplement? Who is the intended audience for Phenibut HCL? Continue reading to find out if Phenibut HCL is the right product for you!

History of Phenibut HCL

Phenibut HCL is a chemical that bears some resemblance to a chemical your brain uses called gamma-aminobutyric acid aka GABA. GABA is an amino acid that acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter e.g. it stops certain signals to your brain. In practice, Phenibut HCL acts in place of GABA (as it is a natural derivative of the amino acid) by releasing signals to the brain receptors that specifically trigger dopamine. Once dopamine is triggered, you will then begin to feel relaxed and more at ease. If you use it properly, then you will receive all of the benefits of the supplement without any risks or side effects.

So if Phenibut HCL is a natural derivative of GABA, then why would you need to take it? 

Well the easy answer to that question is that our bodies only have a limited amount of GABA. The problem is that certain people want or need to increase the natural effects of GABA---this is where Phenibut HCL comes in. Taking Phenibut HCL capsules or Phenibut HCL powders can help you do this in a way that does not negatively affect your body’s GABA levels--in addition, GABA cannot go through the brain-blood barrier in your body, and thus can only offer short term effects. So if you wanted to increase your GABA levels by taking GABA supplements, you would have to take a substantial amount more to increase your levels than you would if you were merely taking Phenibut HCL. This also puts you at risk to becoming dependent or addicted to GABA, because of the higher dosage requirements.

In essence, between the two, Phenibut HCL is the better supplement to take. It provides more bang for your buck, so to speak.

Phenibut HCL was first created in a lab--A. I. Herzen Leningrad Pedagogical Institute--in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1963 by a team headed by Professor Vsevolod Perekalin. Its original intent was to be used to treat those with psychiatric and mental health issues. It did not take long for the supplement to be known for its ability to calm mental health patients down. Originally, it was called Phenigamma, and then it was formally named Phenibut in 1973. Interestingly enough, Russian astronauts used this supplement during the Cold War era and great Space Race as a method of relaxing and calming themselves down while on the job. It is available in a variety of other brands/names, such as Noofen, Anvifen, and Citrocard.

Since its creation, it has been made and sold in several countries worldwide.

Phenibut HCL is also classified as nootropic. A nootropic is a drug or supplement that is intended to enhance your brain activity, especially regarding your memory, creativity, functionality, and motivation. It has become a very popular type of drug in the last few years and the people who take it are primarily students. That does not mean it is not the right product for you, if you aren’t a student.

Does the thought of speaking in front of a large crowd make you nervous? Have you had trouble settling down at night to sleep? Are you painfully shy at loud parties and want some help overcoming this shyness to become more social? Do you suffer from being stressed out and unruly in general? Buy Phenibut capsules or powder to help!

Many people who take this supplement struggle with socialization, getting meaningful sleep, and focusing in general. Primarily, it is used for relaxation, no matter the reasoning.

ZAS has Phenibut HCL for sale on our site right now--if you struggle with any of these problems in your life, take the first step with ZAS today!

Uses of Phenibut HCL As A Supplement

People who buy Phenibut HCL capsules or powder, mainly buy it for its effects in being able to help treat the symptoms of stress, fatigue, and insomnia. It is also used to help improve one’s focus, especially regarding memory, thinking, and processing information. Essentially it is used to help calm the body down, in order to focus. However, while Phenibut has this reputation for being able to help people with these issues and problems in their lives, more studies are needed to see what else Phenibut HCL can do for us and how its side effects affect us in a more thorough manner.

As with any other supplement, you need to be careful when taking Phenibut HCL. Make sure that you are taking the correct dosage amount and are not overdosing yourself purposefully, especially as you can begin to gain a dependence on Phenibut as it helps your symptoms. There are numerous side effects, side effects that can be a lot worse if you become dependent on it. These include poor balance, nausea, fatigue, electric shock feelings in your limbs, and dizziness. You may also feel as though you are experiencing a hangover if you take a particularly high dose. If you overdose on Phenibut HCL, then it has the potential to cause issues in your breathing and may even cause you to pass out.

If you do become dependent on Phenibut HCL, and then stop you will undergo withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are: feelings of nervousness and/or insomnia, aching muscles, decreased appetite, fatigue, agitation, and seizures.

You should never mix Phenibut HCL with alcohol and should not take it while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Be careful using this product for the first time, as some users have reported that it has a delayed effect its first time, and that they mistakenly took another dose and thus the effects were doubled.

This supplement has been tested and we know that levels of it have been detected in a person’s blood for a little over five hours on the dot. However, it has also been reported that users have been able to feel the supplement’s effects for an entire day--further proof that a little goes a long way!

Dosages can be somewhat tricky. This is where a measure of control will need to come in, as this supplement’s purpose is to alter your mood and body into a state of relaxation--whether that’s enough to get you to go to sleep at night or to not become so nervous and anxious when you have to go to a large party and be social. As far as using the capsules, we recommend that you never take more than 4 doses (capsules) of Phenibut HCL at a time, and that you never take more than 8 doses (capsules) in a single day. Overall, you should not take more than 16 doses (capsules) in a single week, and should not take for more than two or three days in a row. If you do so, then make sure to refrain from taking them for the same amount of time.

As far as the powder form dosages, we recommend that you take half a scoop (250 mg) to a full scoop (500 mg) at least once a day, never exceeding four times a day. Do not ever take more than 1,000 mg of Phenibut HCL powder in a single dose, and do not take more than 2,000 mg in one day. Do not ingest more than 4,000 mg (or 8 scoops) of Phenibut HCL in one week. In order to make sure that you are measuring exactly, Zach Attack Supplements recommends that you buy a scale to measure your powder and be sure that you are not exceeding these limits. For both the capsules and powder, make sure to start small. A little can go a long way for many people. Don't go over 250mg the first time or two that you try the supplement.

Remember, the higher doses and frequencies that you take this supplement increase your risk of becoming dependent on Phenibut HCL. Be careful not to exceed our recommendations, and as with any other supplement or drug, you should speak with your doctor about taking it, and what your dose should be in compliance with your weight, age, and other factors.

Although these side effects may seem to be scary or concerning, you should not be particularly worried unless you intend to massively overdose yourself or mix it with things such as alcohol or other depressives.

Once you have decided to buy an order of Phenibut HCL, how do you decide which form you should get it in--powder or capsule? There is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your lifestyle and your experience with capsules or powders. It is certainly more convenient to take Phenibut HCL in capsule form. If it is easier for you to take it in powder form, then we recommend that you mix it with at least 8 oz of water per dose.

Zach Attack Supplements

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Our powder form comes in a wide range of sizes--you can either order a smaller size (100 servings that are 25 grams each) or in bulk (100,000 servings in a 25,000 grams size container). It all depends on your needs. Zach Attack Supplements Phenibut HCL capsules come in 250 mg size and you can buy a bottle of either 30 capsules or 180 capsules.

Now that you have learned enough about the benefits of Phenibut HCL, enough to buy the product for yourself, the next question you may be asking is why buy from us? There are other online stores you could buy from, shoot you could walk into your local chain grocery store or health food store and find what you are looking for.

The answer to that question is consistency and quality. While we are an online store, we believe in maintaining the highest standards when it comes to our products. We make sure that the products that we buy, whether it is Phenibut HCL or any other product is 99% purely only the supplement we say it is. If you have questions about our certifications or which lab we choose to test our products in, we are happy to answer them. As a customer and human being on a journey towards improving your health and quality of life, you should never buy from any store that will not answer your questions regarding quality control.

Also, our quality control measures guarantee that you are receiving as close to as pure product as you can get. This means that you are not paying for a pill or powder that has just enough Phenibut HCL and filler powder to pass certain guidelines to say it helps with certain problems, but really is a massively overpriced product that either does not work as it should or does not work at all. You are paying for a pure product that ensures that you can take the minimum amount needed to help you with your problems--whether you are unfocused, unable to sleep, or experience stress.

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The next answer to that question is the quality of our customer service. Even the “big box” stores have been moving to online sales because that is where the future is. Buying Phenibut HCL is not like buying vitamin D at your local grocery store--it’s not a supplement you hear about every day. Our site provides you both convenience and great service. Not only are our prices low (especially if you buy in bulk), but we offer same day shipping for orders that are placed on weekdays, and provide the tracking information on our website. There really is no reason for you to not buy your Phenibut HCL capsules or powder from us right now.

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