Zach Attack Supplements Phenibut vs. Nootropics Depot Phenibut & LiftMode Phenibut

Posted by Zach Attack Supplements on Aug 27th 2018

Zach Attack Supplements & Nootropics Phenibut is the best deal online! We not only provide options with Free Shipping but we also have Text Support!

Liftmode phenibut products require a minimum $25 purchase and they don’t provide any tracking or text support.

Phenibut HCL has been called a God-send for sleep and relaxation. It’s a one of a kind nootropic, which is why so many outlets online are selling the nootropic. Some reputable, and some...not. Here is a comparison of our product vs other reputable brands:

Zach Attack Supplements & NootropicsNootropics DepotLiftMode
99%+ pure phenibut?YESYESYES
Has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to prove the product’s authenticity?YESYESYES
Lab tested with high grade lab equipment to verify the identification and purity of the supplement (phenibut powder)? YES YES YES
Comes in a sealed container?YESYESYES
Comes with a serving scooper?YESNOYES
Text Support?YESNONO
Price of phenibut powder 100 grams?$22.88, shipping includedN/A$22.88
Cost of USPS First Class Shipping?$1 for phenibut powder, $2.99 flat rate otherwise.$8.15 flat rate.$3.50
Free shipping options?2+ Items with tracking.$50+$25+ but no tracking
Free Priority mail?3+ items.$50+No, but has free UPS 2+ item.

Product value being equal, Zach Attack Supplements & Nootropics blows away its competition with superior service and added value. If you want a top quality product, at the best price, with free shipping, and faster response times via text support and tracking ALWAYS provided, Zach Attack Supplements & Nootropics is your clear choice.

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